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Comprehensive care

Horgen for emergencies and births.


In serious emergencies you should call 144 directly for help. If you can reach our emergency department on your own or with private transport, please only go to the Horgen branch, Asylstrasse 19, 8810 Horgen, phone 044 728 11 11.


You will receive round-the-clock emergency care in the emergency unit of the acute hospital in Horgen. Our renowned intensive care unit and the maternity ward are also at the Horgen branch, serving the entire Lake Zurich left-bank region and/or the Canton of Zurich South.


Kilchberg for your "own" doctor


The Kilchberg branch is run as an in-patient hospital with affiliated private practitioners. This means that you can undergo planned treatment administered by doctor of your choice* at Kilchberg, regardless of your insurance category. 


 * More than 180 affiliated doctors of various specialisms are accredited by See-Spital. Affiliated doctors run their own practice and perform surgical procedures at See-Spital in Kilchberg. Please refer to our directory of doctors.