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Horgen branch
and emergency department
Asylstrasse 19
8810 Horgen

Kilchberg branch
Grütstrasse 60
8802 Kilchberg

Tel. 044 728 11 11/ E-Mail
Interdisciplinary Emergency Unit in Horgen

Patients who are acutely ill or have suffered an accident are treated at our interdisciplinary emergency unit. This offer is now being used by over 10,000 patients annually. The specially trained emergency staff is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and ensures high-quality, professional medical care.

Your Emergency has Our Full Attention
After an initial rapid and competent medical evaluation, further diagnostics and treatment take place. The emergency unit has a shock room equipped with state of the art technology, which ensures immediate, rapid and professional treatment in life-threatening situations. 
The Interdisciplinary Emergency Unit – in an emergency go to the See Hospital in Horgen!

Please note that in the emergency unit, the order of treatment is based on urgency and the severity of your illness or injury and not necessarily on the order of your arrival.

Emergency Unit Management Team

Dr. Astrid Kölln Dr. Astrid Kölln
Leitende Ärztin Notfallstation
Lauri Röllin Lauri Röllin
Leitender Arzt Innere Medizin Notfallstation
Tatjana Bjelic Tatjana Bjelic
Leiterin Notfallstation