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Horgen branch
and emergency department
Asylstrasse 19
8810 Horgen

Kilchberg branch
Grütstrasse 60
8802 Kilchberg

Tel. 044 728 11 11/ E-Mail
A public hospital run as a foundation

See-Spital offers a wide range of medical services as part of its performance mandate and thus the basic medical care provided by the hospital covers the widest parts of Lake Zurich left-bank/Zurich South. Led by chief physicians, clinics for internal medicine and surgery, as well as the gynaecology department with obstetrics, have been established in Horgen. The anaesthesia and radiology departments, also led by chief physicians, support these. As an acute hospital, Horgen runs a 24-hour emergency department and an intensive care unit.


The Kilchberg branch is run as an in-patient hospital with affiliated private practitioners. Affiliated private practitioners are doctors who run their own practice independent of the hospital and provide in-patient or outpatient treatment at See-Spital.


Training hospital and one of the largest employers in the region

See-Spital is a foundation and, as a public hospital, it also has a training mandate. This includes non-medical and medical professions, as training doctors of different specialisms. With more than 1,000 employees, See-Spital is one of the largest employers in the region.